Gabriela Bazán

Comunication - Public Relations the key to connecting and linking your product/service

Gabriela Pérez Bazán, with more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, administration of social projects, public relations and communication, has managed to create productive and successful study plans and entrepreneurship; discovering the value of alliances and the success of projects; It is proportionally linked in time management, creativity, sharing knowledge, interacting strategically in the fabric of networks that promote social change and community development. She was selected and published in the book “Mujeres y Hombres de Cambio, Historias de vida del Siglo XXI” by Claudia Josefina Heredia González in 2020. Her projects have been selected at Laboratoría SAP, in 2021 she participated in the international campaign for the Latino community by the Corazón Latino Foundation, “Yo Sí Voto” in the United States, becoming “Reed Award Winner 2021”. He installed the Agency against Harassment and Sexual and Labor Harassment in the Puebla City Hall, placing himself as the first holder of said instance 2021 – 2022. It is part of the “AC Development and Identity Community” where it shares the collective conscience with different academics and experts that lead to better decision-making and allow us to be agents of change in our country. She is currently a Professional Equality Consultant for various public and private institutions, in the same way she works as an advisor for accompaniment in protocols for the prevention, care and eradication of gender violence, NMX-025 Equality and Non-Discrimination academic coordinator of the “Strategic Planning Diploma”. and Administration of Projects with a Gender Perspective” and coordinator of the Gender Unit at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the State of Puebla, is Director of the Dramatic Art Degree at ARTEAC incorporated into BUAP. She is also a professor at various universities and a lecturer as an agent of social change, to promote the participation, autonomy and empowerment of women in public life in various sectors. Study Business Administration, has a specialty in Trends, Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising, 1st Generation of the UNAM Graduate School with the Diploma Perspective of Gender and Public Policies, studies the Master’s Degree in Gender Studies at the Institute of Public Administration of the State of Puebla and currently the Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Gender at FLACSO Mexico.

In a reality where information circulates constantly, generating diverse opinions and competition in the target market and clients, the ways in which we communicate will determine how we see ourselves and how we relate to each other in society, generating a positive or negative impact.

Therefore, considering the inclusion of public relations will be essential to create tools for the professional and personal development of women in areas of economic power, through communication.

The services to be offered through a platform ranging from the appropriate selection of media, crisis management, communication strategies in all its formats, require structural changes that lead to the construction of a society which we must understand. Likewise, we must respond to the times with innovation and break everything that limits us as women.


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