Emprendimiento - How to increase your economic profitability through social and environmental impact

Architect and ULI member. CEO of The io company; “Economic and Social Impact Consulting”. A consultancy involved in generating economic, social and environmental growth in the environment of each project we carry out. Because we were born to leave a better world. We define strategies, objectives and action plans that promote projects that contribute to improving economic, social and environmental performance through each of our business divisions.

Co-CEO of fuerademercado.com, a real estate agency specialized in advising on the sale of homes in the Spanish-speaking market. Mexico, Guatemala and Spain.

Strategies and examples of companies that have improved their economic profitability through social and environmental impact. The event includes a case study demonstrating how implementing social and environmental impact strategies improves ROI. Opportunities and strategies to improve the social and environmental impact of a company are also discussed, as well as key metrics to measure the global impact.

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