Entrepreneurship - Founder of Mama Godín

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences and a Master’s in Public Administration and Public Policy, both from ITESM. She has a diploma in Gender, Feminism and the State from the same institution. In 2015, she received recognition from the Government of the State of Mexico for promoting young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

17 years of experience in the private sector where he has developed areas of communication, sustainability and government relations. She currently collaborates in a global leadership position, leading a public policy social investment in adaptation to climate change in 23 countries. She has been a teacher at the National School of Civil Protection in the doctorate of comprehensive risk management. She is a member of the climate change council for the federal government (2020-2023) and of the Technical Advisory Group at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

For three years, she was in charge of the social responsibility and ethics committee of the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Mamá Godín® initiative, which began 6 years ago, places the problem of being a working mother in Mexico on the public and media agenda. She has collaborated in TV Azteca and is a columnist in Opinión51.

Since 2020, she has carried out the #RankingMamáGodín, a pioneer in Mexico, which seeks to verify the correlation between motherhood and the exit of women from the world of work. The marking recognizes public, private and social organizations that contribute to co-responsibility for care, gender equality and reduction of structural violence.

In 2023, she created the “Goddesses” model to help create, from the local level, public and corporate policies on care that facilitate the labor participation of women. Private and public companies, civil organizations, business chambers and local governments sign an agreement for the egalitarian economy where they commit to enable care spaces and policies that increase the participation of women in the formal economy by 20%. The first agreement was signed in April 2023 in the Municipality of Solidaridad, Quintana Roo and Coparmex Riviera Maya.

Mama Godín contributes to placing on the public agenda the problem of caring (for children, people with disabilities and the elderly) and working at the same time. The lines of action of the organization are: equal pay for equal work, equal maternity and paternity benefits, and real opportunities for growth up the corporate ladder. The data from the 2022 ranking showed that only 1 in 14 jobs (7%) are occupied by a working mother. Mama Godín’s long-term goal is to change the Federal Labor Law, the State Service Workers Law, the Mexican Social Security Institute Law, and the State Workers Social Security and Services Institute Law on of licenses for maternity and paternity and contribute to the creation of a National Care System, through a commitment between sectors that allows equalizing the economic participation of women by 50% and that stereotypes and gender violence are reduced in the workplace .

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