Innovation - Ananá NFT to the Moon

My name is Ana Isabel but they also know me as Ananá, I am a Mexican digital artist, I live in Mexico City. I am full Web 3, I work as a Brand Consultant at Social Snack, Creative Strategist at Snapchat.

I am in a constant transformation as an emerging artist in the ecosystem, tracing my path in the Blockchain to open the way for Latin American women in Web 3 to reduce the gender gap in the digital future.

At the end of June I am going to send an NFT to the Moon, literally.

My presentation is an introduction to Web 3 and the basics of Persona Branding to create a strategic digital identity that allows them to create immediate action on their profiles to find new opportunities. At the same time that I share the story of my growth within the ecosystem until I got to send an NFT.

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