Communication - How to Monetize Communities with your Personal Brand

+5 years living off the creation of digital businesses, Chris is the Co-Founder of Hubee, the platform to create the digital space for your community and monetize your personal brand. He boasts over 3,000,000 USD in online sales with the community partner business model. Passionate about NFTs, he is also the Creator of the Hustle Crocs Community, unstoppable entrepreneurs.

“To be a creative in technology is to have the privilege of shaping the future, of making dreams that once only existed in the imagination a reality.”

Creative Man/ Entrepreneur/ Businessman/ Speaker/ JMT/ Designer/ 3D Artist/ Developer

In this presentation, Abel shows us the benefits of introducing your brand into the METAVERSE.

During the UNLOCK Summit 2024, we will delve into the strategy of how to use your personal brand’s strategic communication through content combined with a community business model where you can build loyalty with your audience and turn them into customers organically from a digital space where people interact within the community.


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Advertencia: Este evento contiene efectos visuales intensos, incluyendo luces y destellos que pueden causar convulsiones en personas susceptibles a los estímulos visuales. Se recomienda discreción al asistir al evento.


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