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Mother, entrepreneur and director of her own corporation, that’s Claudia Montesinos, a proudly Pueblan woman who has built her way on the basis of ideas that she transformed into opportunities and, in turn, into actions. However, it was not always as easy as it sounds: for years she experienced adverse situations in life such as domestic violence, gender inequality, abuse of trust, among others. Her path began with various ventures that, in addition to helping her move forward with her two children, boosted the lives of other families.

Currently, Claudia is the CEO of Grupo CMA, director of the CM Radio station and Boutique 4 Chic. To top it off, she is the creator of the Liberate Plus brand, positioned as one of the best dietary supplements at the national level and has become the livelihood of more than 700 families in Mexico and abroad, as well as the author of the book “Libera tus Alas, Transforma tu Historia” (Free Your Wings, Transform Your Story). Montesinos is guided by the life philosophy “Dream so big that you can invite others to dream with you,” and has shared her story with diverse audiences of over 10,000 people seeking to promote personal and economic development.

She is also a philanthropic woman who has a great passion for helping and sympathizing with various causes, which is why she has partnered with various associations to help children with cancer, food banks, among others. Her company, Grupo CMA, grants scholarships to students with academic excellence in the best universities such as UDLA and Tec Mileno. She also works to create training programs for women, single mothers and young people.

Her main inspiration: her family, her main goal: to continue inspiring others through the motto “If one can, we all can”.
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