Innovation - Technology as a connective portal to the Cem Anahuac Cosmovision.

Mocre is a multidisciplinary artist based in Mexico City, whose work creates a universe of species that come to life through various techniques, from painting with acrylic or spray paint to linoleum engraving and digital illustration, as well as the creation of extended experiences.

The main focus of his art is on Mexican endemic animals and those in danger of extinction, which are deeply rooted in pre-Hispanic cosmology. Mocre uses technology as a means to rescue, disseminate, and present the complexity and cultural richness of the fascinating Cem Anahuac in a contemporary way.

As an immersive artist, Mocre has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Mexico City, being the first Mexican artist to present live performances of immersive virtual reality sculptures. His presentations have taken place in cultural, educational, and governmental forums in Mexico, including the Digital Culture Center (CDMX), the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP), the Vasconcelos Library, and the Palace of Music in Mérida, among others. Additionally, he has been a collaborator in the virtual version of Burning Man (2020) and has been actively involved in the VR FEST MX International Virtual Reality Festival (CDMX) since 2020.

As a visual artist, Mocre has exhibited his work in countries such as Shanghai, South Korea, Germany, Spain, the United States, Canada, and Colombia. Within Mexico, he has participated in prominent museums and festivals, such as the National Print Museum (MUNAE), the Children’s Museum of Oaxaca (Oax), the International Festival of Lights / Filux (CDMX), CUTOURFEST (Qro), La Linea (Puebla), and Zanka Fest (Zihuatanejo), among others.

During the UNLOCK Summit 2024, Mocre will present an immersive live virtual reality performance, inspired by the relationship between endemic fauna and the feminine aspect of the Toltec-Aztec-Mexican cosmology. This experience promises to be a unique and fascinating exploration of the interconnection between nature and spirituality in the Mexican cultural context.

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