Consciousness - Your Life Plan from the Voice of Your Soul

I’m 39 years old, living with my boyfriend, our two daughters, four dogs, and two cats. I studied Psychology at the Ibero, but my heart was already captivated by Spirituality. It’s where these two areas converge that I feel most connected, inspired, and alive.

I began meditating 15 years ago, pursued a master’s degree in Budology, and took many other courses where neuroscience explains the surprising effects of meditation.

I studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Therapy of Imperfection, and started my therapeutic practice 10 years ago. Finally, I studied Contemplative Psychotherapy at the Nalanda Institute in Barcelona, which is the neuroscientific study of meditation applied to psychotherapy.

All this journey culminates today with the project “Corazón de Agua Dulce”, where you will find practical and experiential workshops all centered around the Meaning of Your Life.

Faced with the certainty that you will die, how do you choose to live? – The more you dare to bring your own death to consciousness, the more you will dare to choose the life of your soul.

And I want to tell you something that almost no one will: what you like and are passionate about is important, but it is NOT the center. Because your life deserves to be lived with all dignity even if a passion is frustrated. What is at the center of your existence and is the best guide to choosing each step you take is YOUR MEANING OF LIFE – and this is an answer from your Soul.

Here you will learn to connect with your MEANING OF LIFE, you will create a map that has this Meaning as its fundamental axis, nourished by your most important Passions, and with the methodology to make it a reality in your own life.

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