Virginia Oms

Consciousness - How to make self-love stronger than insecurity and fear?

I’m Virginia Oms, Dr. in clinical psychology and self-esteem expert. Expert in female sexual health. Entrepreneur and creator of the female community @dra.psicosalud. I accompany women to develop a self-love that allows them to feel safe in love and work.

-There are two great ways to act: one is out of love for ourselves and our essence, the other is based on fear. The latter is part of all the demands that pressure us daily as women.
-Functioning of the mind based on fear
-How to overcome the mind and connect with our essence: Important tricks
-Being and doing go hand in hand: working on you as a person as priority No. 1 to achieve all your goals.
-How to strengthen our self-confidence and stay motivated and focused.

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