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Patience in Entrepreneurship: A Journey to Success

Patience in the World of Entrepreneurship

In a world where instant gratification is extremely common, trusting the process and having patience can seem very difficult, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. We enter with all the faith and confidence that everything will go well, and we set up many things from the start that often either do not work or take longer than we estimated. As entrepreneurs, we face many external obstacles, but being able to control our mind is a great internal obstacle that we must learn to work with.

Climbing with Patience and Recognition

We must climb the steps, not skip them, and have patience in the process. Recognizing oneself in all the small achievements is key to not losing patience, as well as not making comparisons. In this world of social networks where everything is shared, it’s hard not to see what the person next to you is doing, what they have achieved, what they have, but we will never know that person’s path. Surely they have had a very different evolution process from ours and are probably at another stage. We must enjoy what we have and not lose sight of the fact that we can have ambition and want more but still appreciate what we have achieved.

Taking Our Entrepreneurships to Another Level

But, how do we take our entrepreneurships to another level? We all need to know about business, and we all need to have a strategy. It’s super important that if we don’t know, we must add people to our team who can contribute this part. No matter what we do, it’s a business and it has many financial, logistical, and other implications that must be considered to be able to move forward.

Finding Balance Amidst Chaos

Also, amidst the chaos of starting a business, it’s important to find a balance between our entrepreneurial life and our personal life. This is not going to be the same for everyone. Each person has different priorities and different definitions of what balance is. However, we must honor these priorities whatever they are and not set aside our essence. There are key moments of introspection that make us see that we need to make adjustments and lead a more integral life.

Success Story: Ana Elisa Lim and Casa Estampa

Ana Elisa Lim is the director and founder of Casa Estampa, which she started eight years ago. Stemming from another entrepreneurship, she managed to grow her company which now has 40 employees and is a great success story. After a solid start with Caña de Azúcar and a great sales season in December, she experienced her first disappointment when sales dropped in January. She knew how to read the signs, trust her intuition, and follow the path that Caña de Azúcar took on its own to become Casa Estampa. She was lucky to meet key people like her current financial advisor who helped shape everything, and she learned many things along the way. This week she met with Fer Dominguez to talk about her entire process on the new episode of UNLOCK Podcast, and both share tips and learnings that are extremely valuable and applicable to our lives and our entrepreneurships.

The message is simple yet complex at the same time. We must enjoy the process with patience and know how to trust our intuition and inner voice.

Watch the conversation Ana Elisa and Fer had about entrepreneurship. Or listen to it in Spotify

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